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360 Wave Process, inc. 

A record of correspondence.

1360 s Figueroa st. ste. D #38500

Los Angeles, California Republic [90015]

Email: BillingManager@360WaveProcess.com

RE: Insufficient Funds Notice

October 4, 2021

Hello billing manager on behalf of 360 Wave Process, inc. currently handles all book keeping and records. It is at my attention that JP MORGAN CHASE & CO is responsible for “over-spending”, “over-drafting”, “crediting”, “surcharging” et al. on the account.

Also is my attention that there are several Insufficient Funds Fees charged, beginning on sept 20th 2021, to the account, totaling $374.00, as a direct result of CHASE’s over draft actions. We can assure that there is no authorization from our President enabling CHASE to take any such “over-spending” actions on behalf of 360 Wave Process, inc. for said account.

This letter is to serve as notice that we will gladly accept aforementioned charges if CHASE can provide i. A copy of signed overdraft authorization letter endorsed by President Rahh’s signature.

If such authorization can not be furnished it is demanded that all Fee Charges be credited back to said debit account.

We affirm that we have not authorized any electronic authorization for any “over-draft” services , and sign off under full commercial liability of said affirmed statement, so such a response will not suffice

It is extremely important to us that things like this do not occur in the future in order for us to continue maintaining a healthy business relationship. 

Kindly place an internal note on our account indicating that it should be handled with the utmost care thus we’d be forced to take our business else where.

Kindly and warmly reply to us here at 360 Wave Process via email or our mailing address to return either proof of authorization or proof of account credit.


Book Keeper at 360 Wave Process, inc.

Certified by President, (A)Rashaad Rahh. Sui Jurist.

360 Wave Process, Inc.


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