The Crown Patch. What is it and Do You Need One for your 360 Waves ?

Crown patches are square and or circular pieces of fabric that 360 wavers place on top of their crown for extra compression. The patches are normally placed under the du-rag where it is held in place. If your crown patch does not stay in place while sitting on top of your head use this technique to assist. Simply damp your crown patch with a little bit of water before placing it on its proper location. The water will add some weight to it making it stay in place much easier.

However, in my opinion If you have to wet your crown patch to keep it in place then it isn’t made from a good fabric. The 360 Crown Patch became noticeably more popular after appearing in the 360 Wave Process New Orleans Wave Check Video. The main wave check video can be viewed on the 3WP YouTube Channel or using the video player embed below. The patch also commanded a lot of attention when Rashaad posted a clip from the NOLA Wave Check onto the 360WP Insta account.

Going forward from there the crown patch began to become more popular with wavers as it sparked the attention of wavers leaving comments asking what is a crown patch and why is it there. Crown Patches were in use by many OG wavers before appearing in that 360 Wave Process video, but as those 3WP Wave Check videos became ever so popular more and more wavers decided to adopt the crown patch technique in order to help improve their very own waves.

The crown is one of the most difficult areas to master when it comes to getting 360 waves so you have to respect any waver who has a very defined, locked in crown.

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