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I am not wayne brady but I have one question when it comes to this green bundle. DEAL OR NO DEAL? Once again you will save on shipping by adding this deal to your cart. On top of that there are savings of roughly 10-20 baked into the bundle price.

Walk away with a navy blue velvet, royal blue with white stitching velvet, dark royal blue 3WP silky and a 3WP Blue edition wave brush at this combo price and save roughly twenty dollars compared to if you purchased these items separately.

Charcoal 3WP Shampoo and 3WP Moisture Rich Wave Conditioner. Save on this by getting this bundle. There are automatic savings baked in the price just for you deciding to get this bundle. Also, you will save on shipping. I do mail this as priority mail without any extra cost to you. I do cover that extra cost just to make this a better deal for my ocean squad member that like and try my products.

Well, this product right here is highly slept on. However, here is your chance to scoop the slept on 3WP Club Brush. Excellent bristle strength compared to any other brush you find in a store. If I could offer you a sample by letting you brush yo head with the 3WP Club, you would cop just off the strength of how the bristles feel. No cap!

If you order this and do not like the 3WP Club brush text message my customer support phone number to let me know you are not satisfied with the club brush and I’ll make it up to you by sending you one of our 3WP wave caps free of charge just so u don’t feel like I was capping to get you to order this bundle deal.

Follow up and get a bundle of 3WP Du-rags that has to be one of the best deals available on the site.

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