How to get Waves on the Top

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Waves on The Top

You may not believe this, but getting waves on the top of your head is generally the easiest to get. For most people who attempt to get full 360 waves the order of appearance is first the top, second the back, third parts of the sides, and
lastly the connections. I’m sure you know by now that the key to getting waves is brushing your hair. To get waves on the top of your head you need to put in the work by brushing it every day. If you are a beginner you should know that you need to be brushing every day as much as you can. All throughout the day you need to get brush sessions in. When I was a beginner at the age of around fifteen/sixteen I would carry my brush with me every where I went. I treated my brush like it was a cell phone. Even if I was just leaving to walk to the store, I’d pick up my brush and take it with me. If you want to get your waves on the top, then I suggest you pick up that same habit.

How to brush the top

360 Waves on The Top


For 360 waves you need to brush your top forward. Begin at the crown and brush down towards your hair-line. long consistent strokes are the best. You want to keep your brushing angles
precise. If you change-up the way you brush your hair often then you will soon see when your waves develop that they have forks and or are crooked. It is difficult to change your pattern after the waves form, so I suggest you combat this mistake by making sure you remember the way you brush certain sections of your hair. For example you don’t want to begin brushing the top straight down and then change to brushing at a slant, and then back to slant. Moves like that are good ways develop patterns with obvious forks.

How long will it take to get waves on top

For the top you should see progress within four weeks of consistent brushing. You should then get a hair cut after the four weeks. If you don’t see noticeable progress such as little ripples or nicely laid down hair, then you may be one of those people who it takes longer to get waves for what ever reason. If you don’t see progress after that then you should continue the process of daily brushing for another four weeks. After the second four-week period get another haircut. If you don’t see progress after that then there are some underlying issue than may be preventing your progress. These issues that are stopping your progress are more than likely any one or a combination of the following:

  1. You are not brushing enough. (Brushing needs to be done every day with multiple full length brush  sessions)
  2. The brush you’re using is no good. (Certain brushes are simply not effective for building waves)
  3. You are getting your haircut too low. (Beginners shouldn’t get their haircut lower than the length of a 1# WTG)
  4. Your barber isn’t cutting your hair properly. (Some barbers simply don’t cut the hair in the right way)
  5. You may not have the right hair texture. (Your hair needs to be somewhat curly. People with straight hair can’t get waves.



Other than that, I want you to know that the top will be the most easiest. They will come in before you know it as long as you keep up your daily brushing. If you are trying to get 360 waves, then you will see that the sides and the back take almost twice the amount of time as the top to come in. I want you to stay motivated this is why I’m letting you know this in advance.

A lot of guys simple settle with 180 waves at the top because they were not ready to put in the work for the sides. Please see my how to get 360 waves on the side post for info and tips for getting waves on the side or check out how to get waves on the back



How to get 360 waves on the top Video

31 comments on “How to get Waves on the Top
  1. Tabz says:

    If you have a fade 2 on top 1 on side will you still be able to get 360 waves

    • Yes if your hair is laid down. You have to brush it and train it to lay down. however, if you get a fade your waves will never come in on the sides because fading cuts off the wave progress. So if you get a fade you’ll only be able to get waves at the top

  2. Issac says:

    I have waves on the top and back and some on my left side i try brushing my right side much more but no progress. Why? and can you please help.

    • That is your weak spot. You need to increase the brushing time on that spot. Brush that spot first when ever you pick up your brush so that it gets more brushing time. If you have been doing that, you should know that the sides sometimes take a long time to show progress. If you keep consistent, trust me, you will see the progress. Read my page on how to get waves on the side for more details

  3. Darius says:

    So I had waves at the top and little ripples at the back, but this morning I washed and conditioned and my waves were gone. I also was shower brushing consistently and applied products in the direction of my waves. I have been wolfin’ and getting a cut soon but I was wondering what should I do in case this happens again when I start the process again?

    • That is normal. When you are wolfing, and you wash your hair it may seem like some of your waves disappear. It appears that way because your hair absorbs water a bit of water and this affects the way your waves look. It is only temporary. You can get your waves back to normal by brushing your hair once your get out the shower. Brush it until it is dry again and you will notice that your waves are back to normal and possibly even better than before.

  4. rahsahn says:

    If u go t a Mohawk can u get waves and what brush to use

  5. zackary bogle says:

    So I have waves on the top, back and left side of my hair the right has them too so basically I have 360 waves but I have a good medium brushe its not a big company but it helps my hair should I keep it or buy a diane or CQ

    • IF the brush works good then you should keep it. You don’t have to buy it from the other company if yours works well. If you want to try the other brushes to see how they work, then that’s another story.

      • ok i need help this is what happened at first i had deep spinning waves on the top and i had some really nice waves but then i grew out my hair and got a flat top but now i cut off my hair again and i have no waves at all so is it any way i can get them back to where they were?

  6. Jordan says:

    If you don’t have waves and you don’t know how to get waves what should you do

  7. Ping pong says:

    I have little waves on the top, but you can only at angle how do I get them deeper so I can see them anytime

  8. gordon says:

    im guessing the texture of your hair. not too sure but look it up

  9. Stenneth says:

    I’m a beginner who has just started. Do you have to put product on your hair everyday? I use sportin waves. I have waves on the top but none at the back. The sides are coming.
    & also do you have to wash your hair everyday?

  10. Jahmarley says:

    How to get my waves to show more they are just not visible I have to be turning it to the light to see them

    • Stenneth says:

      Keep brushing in the same direction constantly. You’ll see results. Also use products on your hair but not too much.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have waves at all what do I put in it too get it

  12. steven says:

    How long would it take me to get if i started 2 days ago

  13. Tyler says:

    How is ur hair cut suppose to be

  14. dwayne says:

    So I am a begginer and I am trying to get 360wave I have a lot of ripples in the top what can i do to get in the sides and the back

  15. Anonymous says:

    How do I get my waves to show brighter


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