Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I just ordered a 360WaveProcess Brush. When will it be shipped?

Answer: 3WP Brush orders are usually shipped  3 days to 4 days after an order is placed. If 7 days have passed and you have not gotten a tracking number/package delivery contact customer support.

Question: How to get 360 Waves?

Answer: To get 360 Waves you must brush your hair daily. Over time your hair should develop a wave pattern. Visit our shop page to purchase wave brushes OR subscribe to 360WaveProcess on YouTube to learn more about getting waves.

Question: When will I get the tracking number for my 3WP Brush?

Answer: Tracking numbers are emailed automatically once an order is printed. We usually print orders no later than 3 days after an order is recieved. If you don’t have your tracking number email after 3 days, please check your spam folder.

Question: How long will it take for my 3WP Brush to arrive once shipped?

Answer: Shipping time usually ranges anywhere from 3-5 days from the date your order is printed.

Question: I ordered a brush and my card was charged multiple times. What is going on?

Answer: This could be one of two things. 1) This can be due to you pressing the “place order” button, or back button at checkout while your order was being submitted. If you only have one order number from us, this is likely your a common duplicate charge error and the extra charges should automatically be cleared from your account by the next day as the system automatically clears duplicate charges caused by the aforementioned.

or this could be 2) Your card was charged multiple times because you placed multiple orders. in this case please call our customer support phone number ASAP to request the cancellation of unwanted extra order(s). The contact phone number is at the bottom of our contact me page.

Question: My tracking says, “Package Returned To Sender” Why and Now What?

Answer: This usually happens if a customer makes a mistake when entering their shipping address, or if it is an international order and the customer did’n’t pay the import tax that their government requires for ordering foreign goods.

When it is delivered back to us, we usually contact the buyer to see if we can get an update for the correct address. If we can not reach the buyer, we simply refund the order minus the cost that was paid to ship the product as this cost is not refundable from the shipping carrier since the item was already mailed. please call our customer support phone number  If your tracking shows that your item was returned to sender.

Question: How can I return or exchange a brush purchase after I received it?

Answer: We do not usually offer exchanges because the product can not be re-sold after it has been mailed and opened. If your 3WP Brush was damaged when you received it in the mail, please send it back to us within 14 days of date that it was delivered to you. We will replace it for you at no additional cost to you.

Please include a note with your order number, or the email you used when you pack your return item(s). You may email our return department at  the email was last known to be full.  Send a message here: Contact Us (  – Additionally call/text our customer support number for quick updates. I will address any issues to make you a glad 3WP Wave Fam member. Mail returns to the following name and address above:

13 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Anonymous says:

    Much respect to my guy Rashaad straight from Canada Montreal. I just received my brush and it’s amazing.

  2. brushawntp24 says:

    How do I send u a pic of my waves cuz i need u too see them too get a better understanding of what I should do?

  3. Prentice says:

    When will you be coming out with your Silk Du Rag line and how much will they cost?

  4. I found my crown and I’m trying to get 360 waves with a swirl. How do I know which way to brush that goes with my natural swirl for the best effect?

  5. gilliehan8 says:

    I ordered 3 brushes and 2 durags after finally getting the products i only recieved 2 brushes and 2 durags

  6. Will the shipping be delayed due to the coronavirus, or are items still being shipped at a normal time? No rush by the way. #oceansquad

  7. juanscott97 says:

    I ordered 2 brushes and got a tracking number but they haven’t been shipped and it’s been almost two weeks now.

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