3WP Crown and Beard Brush

360WaveProcess Crown & Beard Brush (Cherry Brown)



  • Cherry Brown Wood Grain Finish
  • Crafted Engraved Logo 
  • Silver Tin travel container
  • Medium Boar Bristles


This 360WaveProcess crown and beard brush is designed to effectively style facial hair such as the beard and mustache. It is also very effective if used on the crown area for 360 waves. The 3WP crown and beard Brush is made of a refined natural cherry brown wood. Each brush is carefully engraved with the trademarked 360WaveProcess wave logo and comes in a tin holding container that can be used to protect your brush when it is not in use and while traveling. It’s bristles are best described as medium firmness.

Fast Shipping! You can expect to receive your brush in the mail roughly 4 to 7 days after your order is successfully placed. (International shipping time differs).

How To Grow a Full Beard Fast

How to use the 3WP C&B Brush: 





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