C OF L.A. “Sheriff’s Department” and it’s Agent(s) [May Be] Treason-ist!? CC: Compton Corrupt Kangaroo Court

High Crimes, Treason, and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

The New Bubonic Plague are Victimless Quasi-Criminal Vehicle Code Ordinance Violations… and guess who running around infecting innocent individuals with this disease during the 21st Century…

Online Preface: Originally written for private documentation and correspondence, I have decided to publish this Affidavit and allow it to be available for public consumption, after conflicting thoughts on whether I should make this document public because of the embarrassment, shame, and negative opinions that come with public awareness of an arrest for who ever the man that may be the subject of said arrest. I obviously overcame the decision and proclaim that there shall be No Shame Greater Than Allowing Things Like This to Occur Unpublicized.

For lack of a better platform to publish this type of disclosure, I am choosing to publish it here using my corporate brand platform. I represent the brand’s image and I am willing to stand on my actions as it relates to everything written below relating to this situation in its entirety. As it is said, judge a man by what he is willing to risk.

Long has it been that public servants overstep their positions. As I stand on the truth with honest morals I present the very well written statement of fact as it relates to the events occurring on 8/1/2021. Filled with legalese many may be unfamiliar with the numerous legal terms used below to explain and yet another reason I was hesitant to publicize this. However, easy is it to click a word and discover its meaning in mere seconds.

NEW!! View results here with body cam footage.


Let it be known that this AFFIDAVIT will stand as the truth unless otherwise rebutted through a counter affidavit point by point. It is my proclamation that “COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES” SHERIFF’S DEPT. and “CENTURY STATION” are guilty of numerous human rights and constitutional violations as it relates to the matter involving (A)Rashaad Rahh, Sui Juris, occurring on August, 1st, 2021. I. Article’s 03 and 04 of the UN declaration of human rights were violated with negligence. II. The agency also violated my constitutional rights by making an arrest without probable cause and conducting an unconstitutional search consequently violating the sixth and fourth amendments to The Constitution for The United States of America. III. Agents of the municipal corporation also acted with negligence and conspired to violate title 18 U.S.C §242 and §245 and title 42 U.S.C §1983 by acting under color of law to coerce and deceive me into surrendering my rights. V. It is my assertion that the agency is also guilty of bail/bond fraud due to agents conspiring to ultimately traffic me through criminal procedure in order to attain bail. Equitable justice must be attained as the agency is responsible for civil, criminal, and property damages.

Sunday, 11:30 pm. Pacific Coast Region; “CITY OF LYNWOOD”. While traveling in my automobile, distinct from driving a motor vehicle. Secure in my right to travel reference “Right to Travel Act”. I notice a public servant flash the emergency lights. There seemed to be no real emergency as I noticed the service vehicle targeting my automobile. Dark was the back street. Scarce was the lighting, I continued to cross over the next intersection, exiting the residential area when audibly the public servant utilized the service vehicle’s inner-com urgently requesting I pull over. 

Approaching my automobile, we’ll call him Public servant number one (P1), P1 walks up to my door and asks, with a distraught tone, “Why didn’t you pull over back there!?” then continued to go on a rant about his safety as if his safety is more important than mine. Given the climate between Americans and the DEFACTO agents who call themselves “police officers” throughout the America’s, I directly instruct P1 to calm his tone down as he was very emotional. My female guest, sitting beside in the cabin, then steps out of her place by unnecessarily speaking to him about herself being “scared” while including me with her statement. I then spoke for my self and proclaim, “I am not scared” as I push her cellular camera away due to the blinding flash. P1 then says his body camera is on and that we’re being recorded as well. I ask about his probable cause as he continues to frantically speak about how I should’ve pulled over on the dark back street for his safety. I reiterate calm down what is your probable cause then he utters, “you know what” as he frantically and hastily reaches into my automobile in an attempt to yank the door open. In a hostile manner P1 sloppily misses the handle as he utters “get out of the car!”. Given the unprofessional hostile nature of P1 since the start of the interaction, I immediately slide the gear into drive and pull off as to prevent him from further violating any of my constitutional rights and escalating the interaction to a point that would ultimately jeopardize my safety and well being.

So far the public servant has failed to give probable cause after being directed to do so. The public servant went into dishonor. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.

I am an indigenous native. As well as a non-resident alien in reference to The United States. I have the right to remain secure in my privacy and protect myself from foreign agents working domestically for municipal corporations such as the “COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES” or “CITY OF LYNWOOD” to say the least. 

At this point I am safely away from the distraught agent, unidentified and known as P1. I decide I will safely travel to the location nearest the area I domicile. Unfamiliar with the area I circle to discover another black and white service vehicle behind me which turned out to be the same Public servant (P1). I am not a person(s) nor do I identify as black, negro, or colored as it relates to the 14th amendment. Continuing with my plan, I travel to a non-residential street where I see several service vehicles going in the opposite direction. P1 still closely following me. Moments later an agent ahead attempts to us a tire puncture device. Traveling at a safe speed the entire time I was easily able to navigate around the device. Yielding to the next traffic light, I turn left onto a residential street, preparing to stop for an upcoming stop sign when suddenly  P1 rams his service vehicle into my Audi-Quattro, damaging my property. At this point I pull over immediately as normal when involved in a collision. 

Ultimately, I exit my automobile as several public servants were aligned in military style defensive positioning, one of which, aiming what seemed to be a non-lethal weapon directly at me. I end up in custody which I should not have been. The department had me in the back of a service vehicle while a number of their agents conducted an unconstitutional search of my vehicle without a warrant or consent.

I then was taken to a location known as “Century Regional Detention Facility” addressed to Lynwood, California by an agent identified as P1’s supervisor. On arrival I have yet to be informed of the “probable cause” for the original traffic stop!

“Probable cause is a requirement found in the Fourth Amendment that must usually be met before police make an arrest, conduct a search, or receive a warrant” as referenced from the Legal Information Institute (LII), Cornell Law.

I demanded that P1 get his sergeant, since he pulled up and parked beside the vehicle I was in. We will call the “sergeant” “P2” as P1 replied he’ll get a sergeant from inside. It wasn’t until then I found out the charges from P2. I was “under arrest for failure to yield” according to him.

Let it be known that an arrest on those charges are based on what is known in law as a non-sequitur, a latin term meaning “it does not follow”. “Mean[ing] that a logical conclusion was not arrived without following the legal facts. The events that occurred earlier in connection with the case were not taken into consideration before taking the decision”. I.E. 1) Why the original first stop was made and 2) why I failed to yield in the first place.

I demanded to be let from forced custody since there was no injured party (corpus delicti). I was unprofessionally denied by a reply from P2 then taken into the booking facility. This is the point where I consider myself, in equity, the injured party and will seek civil damages for that reason.

I declined to have my finger prints taken as this is private biometric information. Under color of law public servant Garcia stated that it is the policy and statute and that I must comply or be forced physically. Again I declined replying that I do not consent. Another agent was task to film as several other agents surrounded while Garcia pressed my hands on the machine.

It is held true by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution for The United States of America that; 

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

After stating for the record on film that the act is being performed without my consent. The agent pressed my finger prints onto the machine. Through treat duress and coercion my finger prints were extracted stored. My bio-metric information that is also protected under The California Consumer Privacy Act. Let it be known that the finger print information should be removed from “Century Station” database immediately after the closing of this matter and upon receipt of this notice.

In addition, another agent under color of law, refused to discharge me from the jail after I refused to consent to give a DNA saliva sample. The agent insisted that it is “policy and statute” and that everybody must comply before being released on bail/bond. At this point I refused and verbally informed him that he his attempting to deceive and coerce me into surrendering my right to refuse to provide bio metric information. He proceeded to give the ultimatum that I either give the “DNA” sample, or he’ll have me transferred to Inmate reception center (IRC) where they will and I quote “will strap me down and force me to give the DNA”. (violation of Title 18 USC s 245) He stated those are my only two options “cause that’s the code” ( TDC under color of law). I told him I do not consent to go to IRC and I will not give DNA. After being held in jail for twelve hours with no access to drinking water as, “we don’t have that, only juice and milk”, according to the agents. Furthermore, in addition to the same agent coming back and forth asking “am I ready to give the DNA”, I was transferred to MEN’S CENTRAL JAIL, IRC by “COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT”. It is clear that the motive for keeping me in custody at this point was to retaliate against me for choosing to exercise my right to refuse a DNA test. Arriving at IRC, I was then chained and confined to a chair for several hours. Expecting to be asked about a “DNA Sample” which was never mentioned while at IRC. In forced custody, seven hours chained to a chair in the filthiest of conditions I was then moved into a tiny, filthy cell, flies abundant where I was locked in alone for several more hours. Ultimately, after twelve, plus or minus three, hours at IRC an agent came to let me know I’m being released on the same bail that the Central Station agent refused to release me on for my lack of consent to yield to a DNA sample. That evidences a conspiracy to extort my rights through criminal procedure and to extort bail from female guest who was very worried after witnessing the ordeal. I was retaliated against for exercising my right to privacy. Held for over 24 hours in the most inhospitable, disgusting, vile, conditions as IRC also had no drinking water according to their agent(s), only milk which I do not drink. I expressly reserved my rights “without prejudice” and “under protest” referencing UCC1-308 along with “TDC” when I signed the one document relating to my release.

It is my assertion that “CENTURY STATION DETENTION CENTER” and “COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES” SHERIFF’S DEPT. are guilty of numerous human and constitutional rights violations as their agents conspired, under color of law, to coerce and deceive me into surrendering my rights through retaliation and criminal procedure for a non criminal matter. Equitable justice must be attained to make me whole as I am claiming civil damages along with the property damage. I am the holder in due course.  I may accept for value and return for value the charging instruments as it relates to this matter and may do so officially if I come to make a special appearance on 8/23/21 at COMPTON COURT. 


“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth comprehension”. -Pro. 3:13

An un-rebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce. 

Under the laws of commerce truth is sovereign.

(A)Rashaad Rahh. Sui Juris In Propria Persona. 

update: After making a special appearance at Compton courthouse on 8/23 I discovered there was no scheduled court room meeting for the person. Ultimately, there was “no case filed” meaning all actions leading to this are so frivolous that the “D.A.” chose to ignore the matter.

Well it’s not over yet. There’s more. Now the county’s agents must be prosecuted. This takes time and the process has already begun via correspondence with the Board of Executive Supervors. Haven’t gotten a response back yet besides the fact that the letter was confirmed received via a signed certified mail receipt. This simply means these true property damaging criminals must be sued. These agents will be held accountable. For Further updates visit this blog post in the following months to come. I will update the entire process as this form journalism is therapeutic.

NEWEST UPDATE: 3/18/22 – Perhaps internal affairs got involved after my letters reached through to higher up official within the departments. As stated, I mailed documents to different offices who I think won’t let a situation like this remain un-remedied. Furthermore, I have decided to release footage from the incident that sheds context to what really went down and gives viewers an option to gain their own neutral view as opposed to reading the incident report which is biased and written in a manner to suade (persuade) readers into forming an opinion that Mr. RAHH was/is criminally inclined.


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