3WP Hard Wave Brush (White & Gold Handle)


  • Matte White Finish
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Dual, 3WP Wave Logo
  • Featured Design Curve
  • Pointed Tip Bristle Design  

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  1. This white and gold colored 360WaveProcess wave brush is designed to work perfectly during the wolfing stage. It features a pointed tip that allows for more precise brushing around the crown area. The pointed tip is a feature that can only be found on 3WP Handle brushes.

The handle 3WP Brush features two 3WP logos. “3WP” is marked on the handle. That stands for 360 Wave Process and it represents the 3WP Wave Family. On the head of the brush you will find the 360WaveProcess wave logo which is designed and strategically placed to help you find your wave angles while mirror brushing.

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