The hair care industry is a very large industry with many opportunities. 360 Wave Process was founded during the year 2012. Founder 3WP Rashaad was inspired by wave god 19, of Newark, New Jersey and a few other leaders in the 360 wave space before him. The wave community has grown tremendously since and now it is extremely evident just how much opportunity there is within the community. It is a very competitive space.

360 Wave Process does not need any employees however, if any applicant believes they have highly valuable skills that the company may be missing, we are open enough to receive applications for possible employment.

What 360 Wave Process, inc. would like is to provide opportunity and also to eventually expand the vision of its core strategy to ultimately open up a path for greatness to a few core individuals that have what it takes to make it. While we are not openly offering employment we are looking to work with individual 360 wavers by providing a male model opportunity.

Requirements: As a male model we require you to have a full complete set of 360 waves. We require you to be comfortable being on video and to be photogenic. Clear skin is important along with other grooming factors. If you believe that your image is superb and that you can be a good model who will be perceived well by the 360 Wave Process audience of 360 wavers and aspiring wavers I welcome you to submit your catalog of your best forward facing modeling headshot along with two portrait full body photos in addition to four headshot photos of your 360 waves top waves, left side, right side, and back waves.

You do not have to be a resident of L.A., but this is a local listing and you must be able to work in Los Angeles, California on the day or days a video or photo shoot is scheduled. RSVP with those photograph headshots to the 3WP email.


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