3WP S-Line Wave Brushes

3WP Curved gloss red 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle s line
Hard Bristle Red S-line Wave Brush

The Gloss Red 3WP S-line Wave Brush is beautifully put together to allow you to manage your waves through long wolfing sessions. Over curling 360 waves will be no match for you when you get this brush in your arsenal.

As we know, hard brushes are useful due to their ability to pull and style the hair with ease. They are most useful when your hair is at higher lengths. They tend to be least useful during fresh cuts because most people find them too hard on the scalp. If your scalp is sensitive or you don’t grow your hair to high wolfing levels you may be better of with the medium s-line 3WP brush.

3WP Curved gloss blue 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle
Blue Bristles Medium 3WP S-line Wave Brush

This Blue Bristle Medium 3WP S-line Wave Brush is very similar to our fiery black 3WP Brush with red bristles. They both have medium bristles mixed with softer colored bristles. This mix gives the brushes a unique feeling that can’t be found on other brushes. The mix of bristles gives the smooth yet firm pull feeling on the scalp. It’s almost like the medium black bristles pull your hair while the softer color bristles massage and glide across the hair laying it down.

3WP Curved gloss black 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle

Overall the color mixed 3WP Brushes are great for fresh cuts and beyond. They are essential for your wave brush collection.

3WP s line Curved gloss blue 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush
Medium Gloss Blue Bristle Palm 3WP Brush

The Medium gloss blue 3WP Brush with Blue bristle mix is the first and currently the only 3WP Plan brush with mixed color bristles. It is not an s-line because it doesn’t have the s-line design, but it does has the same feel as the 3WP S-line Handle Blue brush with blue bristles except it is a palm bruh and comes with all of the benefits that usually come with the non handle brushes.

You get to grip the entire brush allowing crazy control over brush strokes. The palm brushes are actually a bit larger than the handle brushes. Palm brushes have 9 rows allowing you to cover more space.

3WP s line Curved gloss Grey 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush
Grey Hard Bristle 3WP S-line Palm brush

This Hard S-line Palm brush was introduced because I know that the 3WP wave family, which is full of elite wavers, love hard brushes and palm brushes. This is for those wavers who are fans of palm brushes. It is beautiful with a grey-ish blue color tint. It has a firmness that I describe as perfect because it is a hard brush but in my opinion it is not overly hard. That means you can use is a couple weeks after a fresh cut without hurting your scalp. Of course, you would have to brush lightly without applying pressure, but the bristles will still be effective because they are firm enough to pull the hair without much downward pressure.

3WP Grey Velvet Durag
3WP Grey Velvet matches the Grey S-line Perfectly.

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