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As you should know, brushing is the key component to getting the best waves. The more you brush the faster your waves will come in. There are many different wave brushes available today and this page will help teach you about a select few. It also will shed some light on which brush you should probably use if you’re a beginner.

360WaveProcess Favorites:

Here is a list of my favorite brushes. A picture and a short description detailing why I like each brush. You should notice how all of these are medium 360 wave brushes except for the Gold edition. If you seen my, “How to get 360 waves with a medium brush” YouTube video, then you know that I think medium brushes are the best because you can use them when your hair is low on a fresh-cut and when your hair is high, while you’re wolfing.

3WP Brush – Blue Edition

3WP Wave brush Blue edition

360WaveProcess Firm Medium Bristle Brush

The 360WaveProcess blue edition brush, also known as the 3WP brush, is made from a high quality soft wood and finished with a glossy light navy blue colorway. The 3WP Wave Logo on the back is wear resistant, so you do not have to worry about the logo smearing off after normal regular use. From the 3WP Wave logo, to the designed curve, it was crafted with the 360 waver in mind. This model is a Medium with a boar bristle, nylon mix that gives it a unique feel. It is best described as a medium bristle brush with the pull of a hard brush. It has a curved design that enables it to come in contact with more hair during each brush stroke. This curved design feature allows for faster results since each stroke you make comes into contact with more hair when compared to a regular straight brush.

The 3WP Wave Logo printed on the brush is wear resistant. The logo also acts as a guide for developing perfect 360 Waves. While mirror brushing, simply use the wave logo on the back of the brush as a guide. When you are brushing, simply tilt the wave logo at the angle you want your waves to come out and you will avoid forks while keeping consistent brushing angles. This brush is only available for purchase here, directly on 360waveprocess.com.

3WP Crown and Beard Brush

crown and beard brush

 The 360WaveProcess Crown and Beard Brush is the ultimate travel brush. It is a diverse tool and is great for grooming facial hair as well as getting precise angles when brushing the 360 waves crown area. Perfect for a waver who has an eye for detail and would like to develop a beehive or swirl crown.

The 3WP Crown brush fits snugly into the palm of ones hand. It also conveniently fits into the front pocket without causing an uncomfortable bulk which make it the ultimate travel brush. A pocket brush in other words used for quick easy brush session on the go. Order yours today by visiting the product page here.

3WP Lagoon Blue Handle Fork Breaker


Lagoon Blue 3wP Brush fork breaker with handleThe newest brush to hit the market and despite it having a cool lagoon blue color way, this brush is hot! It features what is known as linear bristle alignment. This bristle alignment is known to have fork breaking effects when used properly. You may not be familiar with the terms “bristle alignment” and “fork” as a beginners to the 360 wave lifestyle but please don’t be alarmed by these words as they come from simple to understand concepts.

Within the 360 wave community we describe a fork as basically a crash within a waver’s wave pattern. A fork is when two waves within a pattern intersect. This concept of forks comes from the idea of flawless 360 waves where one has a pattern that is a complete spiral being 360, 720, or 540 with all waves rotating the head without any of their waves crashing into another wave on their head. A flawless pattern is revered and respected greatly in the wave community. It is almost like achieving super sayin level if compared to dragon ball z. This handle fork breaker brush with it’s linear bristle alignment, bristles that are aligned symmetrically,  is perfect for  splitting and break forks when used with proper technique.

360WaveProcess Cherry Red S-line Hard Wave Brush  

3WP Curved gloss red 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle s line

The 3WP Cherry Red S-line brush is like no other brush out. It can be easily identified by its beautiful cherry red base color and stunning s-line design that is topped with an attractive gloss coat. Almost like the cherry on top.

It is a part of the 3WP S-line family. All S-line 3WP Brushes have an additional design on top of their base color. The design allows the brush resemble a wood grain finish. Ascetics aside, this red s-line is equipped with  hard boar bristles that are firm enough to get you through long wolfing sessions overcoming all fears of over curling. The handle will give you the extra reach needed to brush the back of your head easily without straining. It is perfect for an elite 360 waver who is determined to get flawless waves.

This S-line 3WP brush is also has the fork breaker linear bristle alignment which will allow you to prevent forks and develop nice aligned wave connections.

3WP Fiery Black Edition (Handle)

3WP Curved gloss black 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle
The Fiery Black 3WP Brush with red bristles is an all time favorite of the ocean squad. It sold out quickly after it’s initial release in 2019. Originally, it had a matte black paint finish however, I decided to bring it back with a twist. It now has a gloss black mirror like finish.

It is stunning. It’s earned the nick name of the “Fresh Cut King” for having a unique smooth feeling that feels like a massage on your head when you brush with it while having a fresh haircut. The mixed bristles are firm, yet smooth. A brushing feeling that can only be attained by mixing normal medium bristles with the softer colored bristles. This brush is a must have for any beginner waver or elite waver.

3WP Grey S-Line Hard Brush

3WP Curved gloss Grey 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush s lineThis is the perfect hard palm brush. it contains reinforced boar bristles and it has a great amount of pull with out being overly firm.

We’ve introduced a hard brush in the past that some wavers described as “being too hard”. The lesson was learned and as a result this year we have what I would describe as the perfect hard palm brush for 360 waves. If your scalp is not super sensitive, you could brush with this hard brush a week or two after a fresh cut without hurting your scalp, as long as you don’t apply pressure while brushing. That is because the brush’s bristles are firm enough to glide and pull the hair without much force being applied. That constant, it will still be able to, with ease, whip your hair into place when you are wolfing heavy.

Need help with your waves? Check out this page about How To Get 360 Waves on the TOP : The best waving tips from 3wp.


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