Soft, Medium, Hard OG 3WP Brushes

360WaveProcess – Handle Gold Edition 

Gold 360 Wave Brush handle

The 3WP Gold Edition is like no other brush I’ve used. It can be easily identified by its beautiful gold and black colorway. It is different from the 3WP Brush Blue Edition in a few key ways. The first major difference is in the bristles. The blue edition is a mixed boar bristle brush which gives it a much different feel when compared to the Gold Edition. The 3WP Gold Edition is a premium 100% boar bristle brush making it softer and more smooth than the bristle mix of the blue edition. This is perfect for a waver who loves to brush with low haircuts, or has already developed a deep wave pattern. The Gold Edition has an overall much smoother feel when compared to the Blue Edition. The bristles are soft however, they are firm enough to lay down the top-level of hair even when wolfing.  The premium soft golden boar bristles are designed to add a natural shine and luster to the hair.

This brush is actually recommended for wavers who have already developed a wave pattern in their hair. Beginners can use the gold edition, but it should be limited to use on low cuts since the bristles are softer and less effective at pulling the hair at higher lengths. The Gold Edition is most effective at brushing the waves when the hair is at lower lengths. It is recommended that beginners use a medium brush to build their wave pattern and once the pattern comes in, it will be good to begin using a soft brush such as the gold edition as a finisher brush to put the final touches after a fresh haircut or wolf session.

3WP Brush – Red Edition (Handle)

3WP Brush Red Edition handle

The 3WP brush red edition with the handle is one of the best brushes that a waver can have in their brush arsenal. It is equipped with firm medium boar bristles that gives it the firmness of a hard brush while still having the smooth feel of a medium brush. It’s firm boar bristle mix makes it excellent at laying down a heavy wolf. Although it has firm bristles it is not to be confused with the hard bristles that the regular no handle 3WP red edition is equipped with. These two brushes contain two different sets of bristles and they have two completely different feels. Most people will find the bristles of the handle red edition are smooth enough to use during low cuts. The no handle red edition on the other hand, with its reinforced hard bristles will be considered too hard to use on low cuts by people who have tender scalps. It is suggested to use the hard brush during wolfing stages.

3WP Brush Red Edition (Hard)

3WP Brush Red edition

This is the hardest brush in the 3WP line up. It contains reinforced boar bristles and it has a great amount of pull due to the firmness. This is the perfect brush for anyone who feel like they have tough hair.

Please note that it is a true hard brush and it may be too firm to use with a low haircut. If your hair grows thick, quickly you will find yourself reaching for this hard brush right here. If you like your brushes firm, but not too hard then I suggest going with the red edition with the handle as it has strong boar bristles but they are not reinforced so it has a much smoother feel and can be comfortably used during fresh cuts and when wolfing.

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  • 3WP Curved gloss blue 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle
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