3WP Soft Wave Brush (Cyan) Handle Fork Breaker


  • Sofy Blond Color Bristles
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Linear Bristle Alignment
  • Featured Design Curve

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I’m 3WP is proud to present the Cyan Aqua colored 3WP Brush Fork Breaker Handle. This brush reimagines what we have come to expect from curved brushes. It boast the curve us wavers have come to know and loves all while maintaining an all around linear bristle alignment.

This brush is exactly what you imagine it to be. The handle provides you with extended reach during brush sessions. With the handle attached to the fork breaker you are now able to effortlessly reach all sides of your head without over stretching your arms or having to change hands. As long as you keep your angles consistent while crossing over, you will be ready to take your waves to the next level and prevent/break forks better than ever!

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Weight 0.3125 lbs

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