360 Wave Products

WAIT! Before you read about these products, please understand that products do not get you waves. They only make the waves that you already have look better. I have to mention that first because a lot of guys still ask me the question, “is X product good for 360 waves?” or “Can I get 360 waves with X product?”

I always have to reply and let them know the product won’t get them waves and that the product is only good if they like the way it makes their hair look. I also have to let a lot of people know that they should try more than one product so that they can compare them to see what makes their hair look the best.  That being said, here are a few of my favorite 360 wave products for men and women.

 Hair Butters keep waves silky

3wp butterIntroducing the all new 3WP Wavy Hair Butter. Developed specifically for wavers. If you want that natural looking shine that last all day this is the product for you. Back when I used grease and nothing else I did not know what a, “good product” was. I heard so many things about various products. It wasn’t until I became deeply involved in the wave game until I started to try other hair products. Some were good while others were not so good.

After trying multiple products I noticed what worked well for my kind of hair and what did not. I learned what specific ingredients worked and as a result from a large number of request and the lack of good product for 360 Wavers I decided to develop The 3WP Hair Butter from a list of my favorite natural ingredients. It contains a tri butter blend that consists of cupuacu, Kokum, and mango butter along with a number of natural oils that are meant to give your hair a natural shine. When choosing a hair product you should judge it by how it  effects your hair. The key features that you should look for is a natural shine, hold, and the lasting effects. The 3WP butter was created to cater to those attributes. It is an awesome product and I recommend my wavers to try the 3WP Butter for a long lasting daily use wave butter that promotes naturally healthy hair.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is one of my newest favorite hair products. It is a basic essential oil made from extracting oils from Sweet Almond seeds. The main reason it has become one of my favorites is because it manages to be simple all while providing great benefits to my hair. When I apply it to my hair, the oil gives a natural and healthy looking shine. Another reason that Sweet Almond oil has made it to the top of my favorite products list is because it doesn’t seem to cause product build up even when I use it daily.

Sweet almond oil

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As previously stated, this is one of my favorite products and I do recommend all of my wavers to try it. It’s miles ahead of grease. As most of you know, I don’t like grease and I don’t use it. Grease collects a lot of dirt throughout the day, leaves your hair with a weird greasy shine, and it dries your hair out leaving it with a dry look before the day is over. Almond oil leaves your hair with a natural shine and that last all throughout the day.

Hair Pomades help keep the wolf laid

Hair pomades have been around the longest and many OG wavers swear 3WP Maximum Hold Pomadeby them. Here is an all natural pomade option. 3WP Maximum Hold Pomade. Another wave product formulated to help wavers with curly hair and looser hair textures. It has a subtle scent that most would describe as great all while not compromising on the key feature of a pomade which is hold. With this pomade you”ll get great hold that last all day. This pomade is much stronger than any butter so you will have to remember to wash your hair weekly if using this daily. I suggest adding a old in after putting in the pomade to add an extra natural looking shine to your hair.

There are a few pomades that are popular from way back like Murry’s hair pomade. That one has a bad reputation for containing toxic chemicals such as petrolatum that are not good for your hair. Nearly all pomade sold in stores contain those nasty chemicals that are likely to be the reason a lot of guys go bald in their 40’s and begin to loose their hairline even sooner. It’s good to keep the wolf laid and pomades can get you the laid down look you might like but if it comes at the cost of loosing your hair in the long run then it’s definitely not worth using those unnatural options. Keep that in mind if you’ve been using those store pomades. Try switching to a butter if you want to try to reverse the negative effects of murry’s and the other one 360 style pomade. Forget those and go all natural.

Shampoo and Conditioner

3WP Shampoo Contioner BundleHow often should you wash your hair? As a 360 Waver you should wash your hair 1-3 times per month. That is almost once per week. If you want to wash your hair more frequently I suggest using a conditioner in place of a shampoo. Most guys don’t know that it is possible to wash your hair using a conditioner. Using a conditioner is safer for your hair because it can cleanse your hair lightly. We always want to keep the natural oils and nutrients that our hair produces on its own. This is why we don’t shampoo our hair daily. To keep our hair naturally healthy we must keep things like that in mind. Try to avoid shampoo containing “sulfates’ and “parabeans”. Those are harsh on hair and scalp and you’ll be better off without them. Try our 3WP Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle deal. Our shampoo contains charcoal which naturally cleanses impurities while our moisture conditioner will add that soft feeling to your hair and lock in moisture.

Olive Oil

Olive oil for hair

Olive Oil for hair

In my videos, you guys have heard me talk about olive oil a lot. Olive oil is very good however I don’t use it as much any more. I like olive oil because it gives my hair a natural shine that last the entire day. It does not cause product build up and that is another reason I like to use it. Despite me not using it as much any more I do still recommend my wavers try it especially to replace using grease. When I used olive oil, I would place it in my hair once per day in the morning after I got out the shower. My hair would still be moist, I’d put the olive oil in and brush my waves into place.

Taking care of your hair

If you’re going to be using products daily, you should know that it is very important to stay on top of a shampooing and conditioning schedule. I can tell you now, for 360 waves, it doesn’t matter what shampoo and conditioner you use.

  • If you use a pomade, you should wash your hair three times a week to avoid product build up.
  • If you use a regular shampoo, then you should wash your hair no more than three times a week.
  • If you use a sulfate free, all natural shampoo, then you can wash your hair everyday with it.

The reason you don’t wash your hair every day with regular shampoo is because it is made with a chemical called sulfate. Sulfate is an acid and it is what causes the shampoo to lather up. It’s a harsh chemical that is damaging to your scalp because it’s so strong that it washes out the natural oils that your scalp and hair produce. That is why you muse use conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Conditioner returns some of the oils and moisture that the shampoo washes away. PS: Be sure to let the conditioner sit in for 15 minutes and then rinse it out. You’re suppose to rinse the conditioner out unless it is a leave in conditioner. 

With the information above you now know that it doesn’t really matter what Shampoo and Conditioner you get when it comes to getting waves, however if you want to keep your hair healthy, and not damage it by using shampoos that contain sulfates, I recommend co-washing. Co-washing is basically the act of washing your hair with a conditioner. You can Co-wash with a regular conditioner but it may not be as beneficial as using one specifically made for Co-washing.

Cocont Co-wash Cleansing Conditioner

Coconut Co-wash Cleansing Conditioner

My favorite Co-washing conditioner is Coconut Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, by AS I AM. If you want to keep your hair as healthy as possible, or If you like to wash you hair every day, then I recommend that you Co-Wash your hair. You can Co-wash your hair daily because it will not strip your hair of its natural oils like Sulfate containing shampoos do.

If you use pomades, then you may need to wash your hair with regular shampoo and then follow-up with regular conditioner because pomades are very strong and from my experience Co-washing, the Co-wash fails to fully remove the pomade from the hair. However, if you use other products like Curl enhancing smoothie, Wave and scalp butter, olive oil, or any other product that isn’t so heavy like a pomade, then Co-washing will be great for you. Add that with a great medium fork breaker brush like this fiery orange edition and you will be ready to go

  • 3WP Curved gloss black 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle
  • 3WP s line Curved gloss Grey 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush
  • 3WP Brush Green edition Curved square brush
  • cyan soft 3wp Wave Brush
  • Royal Blue 3WP Velvet Durag white stitching
  • 3WP s line Curved gloss blue 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush
  • 3WP wave brush blue handle
  • 3WP Curved gloss blue 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle
  • Gold 360 Wave Brush handle


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