3WP Wavy Hold Butter (version 1.0)


Use on your skin like lotion for a natural body butter glow.


The long awaited 3WP Butter version 1.0 is set to become the most popular butter amongst wavers. The key feature is shine. Apply 3WP butter to maintain a natural shine and prevent dry hair/scalp. This butter contains natural essential oils that are very good at providing the hair and also skin with moisture. Make sure you use the butter to it’s full potential by rubbing the extra oil on your face and arms. It will basically replace your lotion. You will see that the butter shines your arms up good and keeps your skin moisturized through the entire day. NO more lotion.

Ingredients: To be released closer to release date. Ingredient list will be divulged on video via the 3WP YouTube Channel. *No shea. Subscribe there and watch the latest videos.

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3wp butter

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Weight 0.3125 lbs

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