3WP Brush Medium (Dark Sky Blue)


  • Sky Blue Finish
  • Linear bristle alignment
  • Featured Design Curve
  • New Squared shape
  • Side Thumb Grip


This Sky Blue 360WaveProcess wave brush is designed with a softer set of medium bristles. Most of our regular medium brushes are more on the firm side. This softer medium bristle brush is here to serve those who like medium brushes but are looking for something that is not as firm.

This softer medium is excellent for use during a fresh low haircut as well as up until the early stages of wolfing. At about 4 weeks wolfing we would recommend that most wavers opt for one of our regular medum brushes such as the 3WP Brush Green Edition or the 3WP Brush Silver handle brush.

The new square design allows for a linear bristle alignment. This bristle alignment is linear in both the horizontal and vertical row allowing for the capability of creating a uniform 360 wave pattern. With the linear bristle alignment, our square 3WP Brushes are excellent for breaking forks that are caused by irregular brushing patterns.

The 3WP Wave Brush has a durable boar bristle mix that gives it it’s soft smooth feel when brushing. Due to the lack of firmness as mentioned it is best used up until 4 weeks wolfing. For extended wolf sessions try the Wood Grain Hard Boar Bristle Square Brush. The brush comes in its very own custom 3WP packaging.

Shipping:  Shipping time is normally 3 to 7 days once order is mailed. (International shipping time may differ).

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Weight 0.3125 lbs

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