3WP Engraved Soft Wave Brush (Snow White)


The build of this Snow White edition has a matte white finish to an engraved 360 Wave Process logo.

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This is the fork breaker the 3WP line-up has been missing. A magnificent white on wood grain softy wave brush. This Snow White edition 3WP Brush features soft boar bristles which are ideal for low cuts and wavers who prefer softer brushes.

It is also recommended for waver who already have a wave pattern developed. Use it after un-ragging during a wolf session so that you can keep your wolf laid down and not loose your waves.

This brush features the new square, curved design that allows for a linear bristle alignment. This bristle alignment is optimal for easily creating a uniform 360 wave pattern.

The 360WaveProcess logo is laser engraved into the surface of the painted wood. This literally leaves a lasting impression that is sure to stay no matter how much you use the brush. The brush comes in its very own custom 3WP packaging.

Shipping:  Shipping time is normally 3 to 7 days once order is mailed. (International shipping time may differ).

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