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Brief history of the 3WP Brand

360 wave process

360WaveProcess has been helping individuals learn how to get 360 waves since 2012. The brand began on YouTube and has grown to reach tens of millions. 360waveprocess.com was launched in 2013.

The 360WaveProcess brand values brotherhood and ultimately family. This is why as a collective the 3WP support base identifies with our mantra known as the 3WP Wave Family or Fam abbreviated.

360 Wave Process serves as a catalyst to inspire men and women to take pride in themselves and their appearance.

360WaveProcess is paving the way with a growing support base of over 345,000 engaged supporters.

360 waves Rashaad 3WP durag

In November 2016 owner and CEO, 3WP Rashaad, adopted the first 3WP Brush as we know it today. This set a standard of ownership within the wave community as others followed his path to ownership and entrepreneurship. Before that very catalyst nearly all other companies were owned by outsiders and did not cater to us as a group correctly. 3WP stands for ownership and ujamaa as our wave culture is now wrapped around this standard.

Since then 3WP Rashaad has rallied millions of social media view and impression creating numerous commercial/content ads with the assistance of freelance model influencers. As well as elevated the wave check culture by traveling across North America hosting 3WP Wave checks. 

3WP Rashaad also known as RASHAAD RAHH will continue to shift and lead the wave culture from a business stand point. Not set in stone his moves will be watched carefully by all who dare to enter the ocean.


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