3WP Firm Softy Wave Brush (Black & Gold)


  • Limited Edition
  • Soft Boar Bristle 
  • Perfect for Low Cuts
  • Optimal Design Curve
  • Side Thumb Grip

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The 360WaveProcess Black and Gold Edition Soft Wave Brush. It is designed to work best on low haircuts. It can be used while wolfing however, only to add shine and lay down the top layer of hair. It feature the trademarked 3WP wave logo which can be used to help you brush in the correct angles for the perfect 360 wave pattern.

The Black and Gold Edition come in a nice package that doubles as a protective traveling box. The soft bristles are not best for building a wave pattern. The soft blond bristles are best for maintaining a deep wave pattern meaning if you already have waves. It is perfect to be used as a finisher brush or a low/fresh haircut brush.

The premium blond boar bristles are great for a waver who has already achieved a full 360 wave pattern. The bristles of this brush feel soft while brushing however, they still have a firm feeling unlike other soft brushes. You will feel your hair being pulled with each stroke but it is a smooth feeling pull. The Premium 100% soft boar bristles adds a nice luster and shine to the hair with each brush stroke.

The 3WP Brush, black and gold edition is a glossy black color with a golden 3WP wave logo. This color was requested by the 3WP wave family in a live stream video on the 360WaveProcess YouTube channel. Subscribe today to join the 3WP Wave Fam.

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