3WP Brush Red Edition handle

3WP Medium Wave Brush (Red Handle)


  • Gloss Red Finish
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Dual, Wear Resistant Logo
  • Featured Design Curve

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  1. This medium red handle 360WaveProcess wave brush is designed to work during fresh haircuts and during the wolfing stages as well. It features a pointed tip that allows for more precise brushing. The pointed tip is excellent to use on the crown area of the head. The pointed tip is not on the 3WP non-handle brush

The handle 3WP Brush features two wear resistant 3WP logos. On the handle you will find “3WP” and on the head of the brush you will find the 360WaveProcess wave logo which can be use to help you find your wave angles while mirror brushing.

Fast Shipping! You can expect to receive your brush in the mail roughly 4 to 7 days after your order is successfully placed. (International shipping time may differ)






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