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Wave Check Africa

Habari, Akwaaba, Welcome all!

360 Wave Process Rashaad Presents, Africa’s 3WP Wave Check.

Will you be ready ?

The 3WP Wave Check is anticipated to occur around FEBRUARY or MARCH of 2024.

There will be a wave check in GHANA where I have visited once before,

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C OF L.A. “Sheriff’s Department” and it’s Agent(s) [May Be] Treason-ist!? CC: Compton Corrupt Kangaroo Court

High Crimes, Treason, and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

The New Bubonic Plague are Victimless Quasi-Criminal Vehicle Code Ordinance Violations… and guess who running around infecting innocent individuals with this disease during the 21st Century…

Online Preface: Originally written for private documentation and correspondence,

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Soft, Medium, Hard OG 3WP Brushes

360WaveProcess – Handle Gold Edition 

Gold 360 Wave Brush handle

The 3WP Gold Edition is like no other brush I’ve used. It can be easily identified by its beautiful gold and black colorway. It is different from the 3WP Brush Blue Edition in a few key ways. The first major difference is in the bristles.

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3WP S-Line Wave Brushes

3WP Curved gloss red 360 Wave Fork Breaker Brush handle s lineHard Bristle Red S-line Wave Brush

The Gloss Red 3WP S-line Wave Brush is beautifully put together to allow you to manage your waves through long wolfing sessions. Over curling 360 waves will be no match for you when you get this brush in your arsenal.

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