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C OF L.A. “Sheriff’s Department” and it’s Agent(s) [May Be] Treason-ist!?

High Crimes, Treason, and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Online Preface: Originally written for private documentation and correspondence, I have decided to publish this Affidavit and allow it to be available for public consumption, after conflicting thoughts on whether I should make this document public because of the embarrassment,

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The Crown Patch. What is it and Do You Need One for your 360 Waves ?

Crown patches are square and or circular pieces of fabric that 360 wavers place on top of their crown for extra compression. The patches are normally placed under the du-rag where it is held in place. If your crown patch does not stay in place while sitting on top of your head use this technique to assist.

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How to get 360 waves faster Part 2

Step1: Buy a 3WP Brush.
Step 2: Brush your hair multiple times.
Step 3: Wash your hair and do the morning method.

Step 4: Buy a 3WP Du-rag

Step 5: Repeat the morning method without washing your hair daily. Try to co-wash when you want to keep your hair clean without washing out the natural oils that your scalp produces.

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Soft, Medium, Hard OG 3WP Brushes

360WaveProcess – Handle Gold Edition 

Gold 360 Wave Brush handle

The 3WP Gold Edition is like no other brush I’ve used. It can be easily identified by its beautiful gold and black colorway. It is different from the 3WP Brush Blue Edition in a few key ways. The first major difference is in the bristles.

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