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What is Wolfing 360 Waves Explained!

As a beginner within the 360 wave lifestyle you may hear the term wolfing being thrown around often. Understanding what wolfing is and why it is important to you as a waver will place you on the next level within wave culture and lifestyle.

When learning about the topic of wolfing,

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A Ban on Du rags is a Ban on Black American Culture?

Why are some public schools making attempts to permanently ban their students from wearing du rags? According to some, but not all school administrators across America, du rags are reflective of “gang culture”.

Durags banned in schoolShould Du rags be Banned in Schools?

Furthermore, some school administrators stress that the du rag bans are not new and that it has long been policy at most schools disallowing students from wearing hoods,

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Wave Check! The New Trend Sweeping Schools Across America!

You know what this is. Wave Check! Let’s see if you’re actually dipping. Wave checks have been sweeping schools across the United States from high schools to HBCU’s.

Positive students gather with one common goal. Wave Check! Who actually has waves under their durag and who is simply fronting and wearing the du-rag for style.

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How To Take Care of Your 360 Waves When Wolfing

Wolfing 360 Waves

Wolfing or Wolfin’ is a very important aspect of the 360 wave process. Many beginners struggle to understand the concept and meaning of wolfing and so this post will go deeper into the subject of wolfing to help you understand what wolfing is as it relates to 360 waves and why you should be doing it.

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