3WP Hard Wave Brush (Slim Long Handle)


  • Engraved Logo.
  • Wood Grain Finish.
  • Linear Bristle Alignment.
  • Flat Bristles Design.
  • Long Handle.

In stock


As it’s been long awaited. A simple ultra affordable 360wP flat brush is here. This hard bristle 3WP Club brush is 3WP’s first introduction into straight brushes, also known as flat, non-curved brushes.

This slim handle brush is designed with nice medium bristles. The firmness of the bristles can be described as very nice and firm. This slim handle brush is ideal for wavers who are cautious about their budget but would like a 3WP Brush that will get them through long wolfing sessions.

The firm hard bristles are designed with a linear alignment similar to our fork breaker wave brushes however It doesn’t feature curved bristles.

The bristles of this slim handle 3WP Brush are of great quality and will remain firm much longer than your average store bought hair brush.


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Weight 0.1875 lbs

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