Velvet 3WP Du-rags (10piece) Dark Color Pack


Collect all ten 3WP Velvet Du-rags with this one 10 Piece Pack

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  1. 3WP Royal Blue Velvet Du-rag (White Stitching)
  2. 3WP Black Velvet Du-rag (Red Stitching)
  3. 3WP Red Velvet Du-rag (Black Stitching)
  4. 3WP Velvet Durag (Emerald Green)
  5. 3WP (Sky Blue Velvet) Du-rag
  6. 3WP (Navy Blue) Velvet Du-rag
  7. 3WP (Dark Grey) Velvet Durag
  8. 3WP (Turquoise) Velvet Durag
  9. 3WP (Royal Blue) Velvet Durag
  10. 3WP (Red) Velvet Du-rag

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Weight .125 lbs


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