Engraved 3WP Wooden Wave Beard Combs


  • Engraved Logo
  • Natural Wooden Body
  • Fine & Wide Tooth 




Receive (TWO!) wooden 3WP Wave and Beard Combs when you purchase this selection. Key feature is the fine and wide teeth. The comb is best used when wolfing as tested by 3WP Rashaad. Designed with the waver in mind. Depending on your curl pattern use either the fine tooth side, or the wide tooth side of the comb to detangle your wolf when it is overruling. It is perfect for grooming your beard in the morning.

It features an engraved etching that permanently marks 360WaveProcess Wave & Beard Brush. Crafted from a natural refined wood, this comb is sure to take care of all of your wave and beard combing needs.

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Weight 0.125 lbs


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