Wave Coach

Finally Get The Answers to All of Your

360 Wave Questions!

 There are a large number of guys who contact me every week with questions asking about what they should do to take their wave game to the next level.

I really like to help and that is the reason I started 360WaveProcess however, due to the large number of questions I receive on a daily basis, a lot of people go unanswered.

There are nearly 1,000 unread DM’s betweem the 360WaveProcess Facebook page and Instagram account.

My goal beginning 360WaveProcess was to answer all message but as the popularity expanded I noticed that It would be impossible to reply to everyone and lead a normal life balancing college, track practice, editing and filming videos, social life, and the other normal life duties.

I don’t like it that my wavers are contacting me and are not getting replies to their questions. Every time I log into the @360Waveprocess Instagram account and look into the DM’s it frustrates me to see the 99+ unread message request. It bothers me because I know everyone in that DM deserves a reply to their message. No one deserves to be ignored when they need help. This is why Wave Coach was created!

Wave coach is a premium service that aims to help you along your journey to getting 360 waves.

When you sign up for Wave Coach, you will get access to the NEW! “360WaveProcess Comprehensive Guide to Getting 360 Waves” E-book that covers all of the techniques and basic products, brushes, and materials that a beginner needs to start their journey to waves.

In addition to the E-book, with your purchase, you will get your own personal contact number that you can use to contact 360WaveProcess-Rashaad for guaranteed answers to any of your 360 wave question