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Wave Check! The New Trend Sweeping Schools Across America!

You know what this is. Wave Check! Let’s see if you’re actually dipping. Wave checks have been sweeping schools across the United States from high schools to HBCU’s.

Positive students gather with one common goal. Wave Check! Who actually has waves under their durag and who is simply fronting and wearing the du-rag for style.

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360 Wave Mixtape

Okay! I know i’mFolder super late on putting this Mixtape out for you guys, but give me a break!

You may have wondered where I got the song that was featured in my 360 wave process day method video. Well here is the entire Mixtape featuring a twelve song set.

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What does it mean to be an Elite 360 Waver?

Elite 360, 720, 540 Waver?

To me an elite waver is someone who has taken the time to get their waves to the point where they are complete. When I say complete, I mean that the persons waves are continuous and nice. For the most part an elite waver would have their entire process complete be they a 360,

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360WaveProcess Give-away Contest: The History

First I just want to thank you guys for visiting and signing up for email updates. By signing up for updates you will have the inside scoop over those who are not signed up.

What’s up guys! 360WaveProcess-Rashaad here. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably wondering about the give-away contest.

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