StraightScape: Your New Easy to use Self Line up Tool?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to give yourself a line up? This is a sponsored post all about the new line up tool that has taken the hair cutting industry by storm. Have you ever been sitting in the barbershop waiting for an hour just to get a line up and thought to yourself, “You know what would be cool?” “It would really be cool if I could give myself a line up. I could save so much time and money!” Let’s be honest, we all think that at some point in our life when waiting at the barbershop. The thing is most of the time we tell ourselves, “I would do it my self, but I don’t want to mess up my hairline.” Well guess what! This new tool is designed to help you line your own hair so you can stop waiting around the shop all day. Waiting to be next in the chair will be a thing of the past.

What is a StraightScape

StraightScape is a tool that a person who cuts their own hair can use to get straight line ups in the front and in the back of their head. There are Not many products like it so you are probably thinking to your self, “How does this thing work?” It works by sticking on to the user’s forehead. It stick to the head with the help of a skin safe adhesive that is on one side of the tool. After one applies the StraightScape to their forehead just above the hair line, they are then able to use line up clippers to effectively give themselves a straight and crispy line up without the fear of messing up their hairline by taking it back too far.

What do I think about it

StraightScape LogoOverall, after using it for a few line ups and tapers, I came to the conclusion that the tool would be perfect for guys who have always wanted to start giving themselves haircuts and line-ups but were too nervous to actually start doing it. I believe using a tool is a good way for guys to get comfortable and confident in their ability to line their own hair. I believed this because I learned to give my self and became confident in my ability to give my self a line using a card as show in the popular video I created, that you may have already seen, called, How to Keep Your Line-up Fresh After a Haircut.


In that video I demonstrated myself using a card to cut off the widows peak that grows on my forehead. I used the card because I was low key afraid to touch my line up since it would never come out looking how it did when the barber lined it up. The card trick was the best because it showed me the angle I was suppose to cut so that it can come out in a straight line. StraightScape be used in a similar fashion and it is more versatile because it can be used to cut the hair on the back of ones head easily since it sticks, while a card cannot be used in a similar way. The StraightScape is like the training wheels when learning to ride a bike. You put the training wheels on to gain your confidence, and then you take them off when you feel like you’re ready to go! You begin using the StraightScape when you are too scared to start cutting your own hair. You use it and then become more comfortable with cutting and lining and then when you are ready to go, you can take the StraightScape off and start doing it free hand because you gained the confidence technique all while using the tool.


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