360WaveProcess Give-away Contest: The History

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What’s up guys! 360WaveProcess-Rashaad here. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably wondering about the give-away contest. 360WaveProcess was the first  Waver who decided to host a contest, on YouTube,  in order to give back to the wavers in the community.  The 4th ever 360WaveProcess give-away (2014) is coming! If you’ve seen the How to get 360 Waves Night Method For Beginners video, then you are aware that i’m planning to do another give-away. I’m writing this to let you know that I will be writing another post soon with all of the info for this upcoming contest.

This New contest will begin in October of 2014. It will be The 360WaveProcess Halloween Give-away! Stay tuned by visiting here later or by keeping up with the video on the 360WaveProcess YouTube channel.  

 Halloween Give-Away Contest (Closed!)


The History

The history of the 360WaveProcess Give-away.  So far 360waveprocess-Rashaad has successfully completed three give-a-ways. Checkout the results videos below if you want to see how the contest are structured. Those are the results videos. Before the results video there was an announcement video that everyone used to enter into the contest.

The 3rd Contest (OLD 2013)

The 2nd Contest (OLD 2013)

 The 1st Ever Contest Results (OLD 2012)


3rd contest Winner! Raynard Wavy Crockett Pamilton

The 4th contest winner will be added to this page when they win. please sign up for email updates to get info about the next contest that is coming up by this Halloween. Anyone can be the winner -360WaveProcess-Rashaad.



5 comments on “360WaveProcess Give-away Contest: The History
  1. Hey, rashaad, love what u doing. Began my 360 wave journey about a week ago. When i get them ill let u know.

  2. Norb "Beginning the wave game" Burrows says:

    hey rashaad its me norb,what new products should i use? should i use curl enhancing smoothie? becuz my “brother” jaylen uses it and now he dippin! me and you pretty much have the same hair texture so what brushes(soft,medium,hard) and products do you recommend? oh and thanks for being such a big help to us wavers

  3. FutureWaver says:

    Hey, rashaad, I live in the uk and in any of the beauty stores near me there are no high quality wave brushes and when I try to purchase online, there is a wave of fake brushes, do you know any good websites that sell authentic brushes for us UK wavers?

  4. emery seka says:

    sup rashaad this is rah24____ from instagram what is the best haircut after My 8 weeks of wolfing and what is the best brush to use while getting 360/540 waves.and I hope I can be in the next give away and win thanks for the last year your youtube videos really inspired me.

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